- Simplifying Employee Time Management
Employee and time management solutions

At, we provide smart end to end integrated solutions to help your business manage employees and their payroll time. Using our feature rich yet simple to use tools you can manage your employees and payroll time in optimal and productive ways. We provide standard as well as customized solutions to our customers in the area of employee and employee time management.
Although your enterprise may not need to use all of the capabilities we offer, following is a brief summary of some of the capabilities our standard tools and solutions have:

Managing employees

  Managing employee roles/skills: Create hierarchy based roles for your enterprise and assign appropriate privileges to each role. Roles can be mapped to various work locations and assigned to corresponding employees.
  Managing employee privileges: Based on roles assigned to employees, easily control which employee gets access to which privilege under your account, for e.g. specific employees can approve time offs of their reports or specific employees can create schedules for employees etc. Employee privileges can be given at site level or at enterprise level.
  Managing employee hierarchy: Create hierarchy based employees with specific roles and assign them to appropriate manager based on roles hierarchy. Manager's responsibilites can be controlled using role privileges. Employees can query/search other employees in the directory to look up for certain employees, their roles, their location and reporting managers. Employee can be hourly worker or salaried, easily manage employee payroll details.
  Managing employee time offs and accruals: Flexibility to create time off types based on your enterprise requirement. Some of the features include accrual type(abosulte or % of hours worked), accrual period, paid/unpaid etc. Award single or multiple time off type to employees, accrual done automatically based on time off type accrual period.
  Managing employee approvals: Workflow based approval notifications are generated based on employee manager and manager's privileges in the hierarchy. These approvals can be for employee time off approvals, employees swapping shifts approvals etc.
  Managing business sites/locations: Create multiple sites or subsites for your enterprise even for geographically dispersed locations on different time zones. Employees can be assigned to one or multiple sites. Set site specific schedule windows, time zones, overtime criteria etc.
  Controlling employee overtime: Proactively than reactively control and minimize employee overtime using advanced tool options. Tools alert when employees are scheduled overtime as well as when employees swap or extend shifts with each other. Proactive overtime alerts include overtime as well as differential payroll amount due to overtime.
Planning and managing employee time

Creating employee schedules: Create employee schedules using our graphical, feature rich yet user friendly scheudling tools. Some of the capabilities include single click switching to schdule planning,real time clock in/out graphical monitoring and planned versus actual payroll differential modes, upload timesheets if you wish to import schedules from other tools, launch computer based clock in/out tool for employees for any site,export in various formats, create printable schedules for employees, copy, swap schedules,commit to employee shift requests, alerts for employee overtime as well as employee unavailability due to employee vacation or time off.
  Capturing employee attendence(real time): Capture employee clock in/out using's web based tools or integrate with your existing employee attendence device(eg. time clocks, biometric devices, card readers etc.)
  Site monitoring: Monitor sites for real time clock in and out activities for one or multiple sites. Site monitoring tool alerts for employees early, late or behind their scheduled time as well as shows real time employee attendance at any site. You will be able to monitor your sites real time anywhere over the web using our tools.
  Differential reporting tool: Very important tool to create graphical differential report to help managers provide information on employees consistently underworking or overworking for overtime. Details at the employee, day and payroll period level includes differential hours as well as differential payroll due to overtime.
  Shift request and swap tools: Flexibility to restrict employee shift swapping among each other based on roles and whether or not manager approvals required. Automatically routes approval requests to right manager with privileges for approval in employee hierarchy.
  Payroll tools: Construct, save and archive payroll detail reports, add, edit or delete payroll lines(eg. work hours, bonus etc.) for specific employees, submit with instructions to your payroll processor with single click.
Why choose

■ GoToWorkspace web tools are currently used by thousands of very satisfied users and the list is growing each day.
■ Our deligent support team works around the clock(our average SLA on issues/questions is less than 4 hours) to help our customers.
■ GoToWorkspace will guarantee quality of the work/customizations provided to each client.
■ We provide the most economical solutions in the industry for time management solutions, without any compromise in the quality.
■ If client chooses to hostsolutions on GoToWorkspace managed servers, we provide industry standard security of the data and applications with complete disaster recovery process in place.
■ The design of our basic tools is flexible and scalable that we can easily accomodate any custom requirements at most economical rates with quick turn around. The solution is also scalable to meet any additional customer requirements that may arise infuture.
■ GoToWorkspace can also integrate these tools into your existing Human resource management, payroll applications and anyother application that you might be currently using, providing you with end to end integrated solutions.
■ We will ensure users of the tools are upto speed by providing them all the training and manuals required to use the tools effectively.
■ We provide free detailed requirements analysis for solutioning and advice if there are any gaps between specific customer requirements and our standard tools along with quote to our clients depending upon customizations(if needed) and tools versions used.

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