- Simplifying Employee Time Management

About us's Mission:'s mission is to provide innovative web based easy to use tools for small business owners and individuals help manage their day to day operations in a efficient and optimal way and help them focus on core business related activities. Our idea is very simple.
We believe small business owners and individuals spend awful lot of time on performing and/or managing tasks that are very contextual to the business and if done with right tools, can save business owners significant time and money. We also believe that small business owners are critically underserved for their business service needs in Web2.0 world. Our idea is to web enable these tasks with simple to use processes and tools. It is an interesting journey and we hope with small business community support and our quest to help the community, we will keep on adding more services on a continuous basis. is a Simple IT Solutions Inc.(California,USA registered incorporation), company.
The Team: was founded in 2007 by tech savy leaders from fortune 500 companies, small business owners of major brand retail chains in the US who have significant experience in managing small businesses and retail operations.